KnowTrail Privacy Disclaimer

KnowTrail is developed and owned by Apostolos Apostolidis (

By using KnowTrail, you consent that your iOS device location will be used in order to deliver relevant information. Location information is sent anonymously to the Wikipedia servers and is not broadcast to any other party.

2 Comments on “KnowTrail Privacy Disclaimer”

  1. Hi Apostolos,

    great app with potential. The download option is good to use the app in areas with no internet connection. But I’m missing the option to move the current position. So I can’t plan my trip in other areas, or view wikis on different places.
    I also missing a option to change the Wiki language. In Germany, I find more wikis in the native language.
    I hope it is possible to implement one of this points.

    Thx Otto

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    • Thank you Otto for your feedback and kind words! Both things that you are asking for are scheduled to be implemented in the near future.
      Regarding the offline mode, currently the app is designed to support the following scenario: The tourist who is visiting a new city/area can prepare the app the night or even the morning just before he or she walks out of the hotel room where most probably an internet connection exists.
      Of course the ability to make a much longer-term planning will be very good to have. I will certainly work towards this goal.

      PS. I would be grateful if you rated Wiki Tourist Guide in the App Store!


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