KnowTrail for Apple Watch

KnowTrail for Apple Watch aims to supply the same level of knowledge about your surroundings but with an even more convenient way: on your Apple Watch!

In its very version Knowtrail aims to mirror the iOS version’s core use: finding information about your things around you! The home screen consists of two buttons: Nearby and Settings.

Settings currently leads to a simple language switcher for your Wikipedia source. Please note that currently this option does not alter the app language, only the language of your Wikipedia information.

Nearby consists of a list of 10 points-of-information in your area. These can be monuments, other buildings and even happenings, festivals and historical events that happened to take place in the very place you are standing! If you scroll to the end of the list there is a handy button to refresh your Nearby view in case your location has considerably changed while your are using the app (e.g. while you are riding a bus).

Clicking on a point of information takes you to a screen where you can read more about it. You can even press on the button at the top and get directions to it directly on your Apple Watch!

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