My name is Apostolos Apostolidis, but in case this sounds hard, you can just call me Tolis.

I have been a professional programmer for the last several years. Currently, I work as a mobile developer for EVRY Sweden specializing in iOS development. I have also worked for Talkamatic as a software designer with specialty in dialogue systems and Semcon as a mobile developer. Apart from mobile systems I have worked with backend design (mainly in Python), web frontend design (mainly JS + Angular).

In a personal level, I sell and maintain KnowTrail, an exciting app for iOS. You can follow this link and download it on your iPhone!

My academic background is linguistics and computational linguistics and has allowed me to have a more interdisciplinary approach to the art of creating applications and interfaces. Such approaches are becoming extremely important now that we witness a massive chatification of services and applications.

Above all, what drives and defines me is a will to create user-friendly and practical applications that allow the user to focus on the task and not on how to beat the interface.